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A New Page Is Turning…

I’ve realized that with all of my good intentions to blog, things (life) gets in the way. Primarily, no easy access to our computer,  juggling toddlers and babies, and pregnancy thrown in. J It reminds me of how I used to write in my diary when I was younger. I never wrote for  the “21 days in a row” to establish a habit, so I ended up only writing when big things happened. This time I plan on continuing to write, as the things we learn on this new adventure will hopefully help others looking at embarking on similar adventures .

The new chapter we are about to enter into is selling our home, buying a new one, and moving to another state (all of which are firsts for our marriage), with two toddlers and a third on the way in July. We are praying God will help everything move swiftly so we can be moved into our new home before our baby is born, but we aren’t sure what He has planned. The decision to sell our home feels quick, but it’s been a series of steps. We took one step, and God shone the light for the next step. Some doors closed, but windows opened. So we are proceeding with faith, trusting Him to show us if we are going the wrong way. He’s done it before very tangibly, so I know we can continue to trust Him.

In December I was talking with a friend who mentioned that they are going to wait to buy their first home, continuing to rent their home until the market drops, since it’s a sellers’ market currently. I hadn’t heard anything about that (we don’t have television hooked up, only watching movies online and DVDs on our TV screen), so I tucked it away as interesting information. Another woman who is like a mother to me confirmed the same thing a few weeks later, and said that they were planning to sell their home in the spring, moving  in with their son and his family. That made me take it more seriously, and I started discussing it with Tom. He wasn’t completely opposed to the idea (which surprised me), so I took that as a possibility and looked into the idea more in depth. As I began looking, I saw more and more green lights, and our journey took us through ups and downs, continuing the roller coaster ride until present day. I wish I had shared the lessons I’ve learned from this time of transition over the past few months, but figured now would be as good a time as ever. Several friends are in similar transitions, or looking at the possibility of making a similar move in the next few years. So here’s to lessons learned, and new beginnings wrought with anticipation, laughter, tears, and hope.

Are you planning to move soon with children? Or do you remember your first move with kids? Please share advice below, as we are still at the beginning of this journey, hoping to put our home on the market in 2 weeks. With it being a sellers market, we’ve been advised that our home will likely sell quickly, but it might be hard to find another one to buy. It’s a daily adventure around here!

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Juggling our first Christmas being married, as well as getting ready for our baby, and everyday stuff

Welcome back! Come inside out of this crazy cold spell and have a cup of chai. A nice thing about 4 degree weather is how wonderful a warm drink tastes. 🙂

I’ve been busy trying to juggle decorating for my husband and my first Christmas together, making Christmas crafts, baking Christmas goodies, as well as getting ready for our baby in a month (reading books/making things), and trying to sort through things that still need to be put away in the house from our wedding 8 months ago. Not to mention the usual cooking/cleaning/laundry. It finally dawned on me yesterday that I was trying to do too many things at once. I would work a while on something, then move on to another project, cleaning, etc. Nothing was getting completed. So I stopped, and decided to focus on finishing the small things before starting working on something else. I still had to plan ahead to put dinner on, and then work on a smaller project while it was cooking, but I’ve been able to finish a few smaller things. The Christmas tree skirt is almost complete, I responded to some letters, dropped things off at the library, and made chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Do any of you struggle with this? It’s time management in a much different way than I was used to in college, or living as a single. Any ideas for better time management?

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Welcome! Have a cup of chai!

Good Morning! Every time you visit here, imagine I have just opened the front door, with the smell of chai engulfing you, given you a big hug with a smile, and invited you in to my home. Shoes are optional (I always prefer barefoot or socks). I want this to be a place where you can join me in a cup of chai (I love chai lattes, but you can grab a cup of tea or coffee), and have fun chatting. Please, take a seat on the couch while I start the hot water.

My name is Sarah Wy, and the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus. Right after Him is my relationship with the incredible man He sent me, my husband (TW). I’m almost 30, and it’s been amazing looking back at how God has been working on my life and his, preparing us for this exciting new adventure in life! We just passed our 6 month anniversary, and I’m starting the third trimester of pregnancy with our honeymoon bundle of joy! For those of you ladies dealing with change, I can empathize. This year has brought a lot of exciting big changes for us: getting married, buying a house, re-modeling the house, new jobs, new church for me, and a honeymoon baby on the way. Through it all God has been teaching me to lean on Him completely, and take one day at a time. I love people, and have a heart to share with women. I hope to encourage you in whatever you are going through, and use this as a place where women can encourage each other and share lives. You are not alone.

Along with all the other changes, I have also been learning about different lifestyles people live, and how you can research, and change if you desire. I grew up going to the doctor for every little cough/cold, and took medicine for everything. I thought the only option in America for having a baby was the hospital. Although I grew up cooking from scratch, (I was a mk (missionary kid) in Asia), eating natural and organic was never discussed. My grandma used to have a garden when we would stay with her on furloughs (a year sabbatical from the mission field), but it was small and I was taught it was more for fun than for nutrition or sustenance.

My husband grew up with a much more natural outlook on health care and food. It was a steep learning curve at first, and I’m still just scratching the surface with learning new ways of doing things. One of the things he encourages me with is to research, not just taking what everyone says is “normal” as the best option. I’m sharing this with you, as I am learning a lot, and will excitedly share things with you. But know that I respect your decisions, and know that not everyone agrees with me. I’ll mainly just encourage you to do your own research, and if you need some tools about where to look, I can share what I’ve been learning.

As you can see, I need lots of input also, and will be asking you for different ideas too. Please feel free to ask questions, or share information. I am planning on writing three times a week to begin, as this is my first blog. But I will respond to any comments as soon as I am able. Since this blog is meant to be encouraging women in life and in their walk with the Lord, any inappropriate comments/language will be removed (this is a family friendly blog 😉 ). I can’t wait to begin sharing life with you!

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