Garlic salve and onion cough syrup

You know those days when you can hardly move because you’ve been up all night with your sweet kiddos who aren’t feeling well? My 1.5 year old had a bad cough last month that we couldn’t seem to get rid of, including all the natural things we could think of (and going to doctors). These two things were what seemed to help the most, which a friend shared after we actively asked people their ideas. Since she’s been around children a lot this past week, her cough has crept back. But I’m going to go make these to help her tonight, and keep praying she’ll get better.


Garlic Salve

~1/3 cup coconut oil

~2 Tablespoons olive oil

~8 cloves garlic

~5 drops lavender essential oil (make sure it is pure. I’ve done a lot of research that I will share one day. I personally use Young Living Essential Oils and EOX oils from online)

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend. I usually melt the coconut oil, but don’t know if it’s necessary. Then strain through a cheesecloth or strainer into a jar. Keep in the refrigerator after a few days (it will keep longer than on the counter).

Rub it often on their chest, throat, behind ears, back, and feet. You can do it every diaper change, or every hour, depending on need.


This helped more than anything we got from the doctor, or the other things we tried. My husband put it on her, as the garlic smell made my pregnant stomach unhappy. But it worked, and she didn’t seem to mind the smell!


Onion cough syrup

~1 onion

~honey (raw local)

Slice an onion in pieces, and boil it with 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of honey. Boil it down until the liquid is halved, and strain the onions. This is the best cough syrup I found for her this past cough. I’ve read that you can also cut onions in slices, and pour honey in-between each slice. Let it sit out for 8 hours, then use the liquid. Both of these should be refrigerated.


*** I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. These are just from my personal experience. Please read disclaimer on my about page.


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